Kaeser Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Get a reliable compressed air source for your factory with our rotary screw air compressors.

DV Systems Piston Air Compressors

Popular for general-purpose “workshop air” applications where air is used for hand tools, cleaning dust, small paint jobs, etc.

Omega Fire Sprinkler Air Compressors

Most commonly used in dry pipe and pre-action type sprinkler systems.

Omega Climate Control Air Compressors

An efficient climate control air compressor is essential for ensuring that an HVAC system produces clean, dry, low-oil air.

Who We Are

MPS Metro Automotive & Industrial Supplies and The Fender Factory have merged together online to provide unsurpassed excellence in sales and service for all our customers.

Both companies are privately owned family operation’s which have become industry leaders in the automotive & industrial industry. We specialize in automotive equipment, air compressors, body shop supplies, paints, aftermarket sheet metal parts and much more.



We have a wide range of air compressors, air dryers, tanks and outdoor mobile stations designed for your air compressors, as well as other used and new products to help you out in emergency situations.


Why Lease? There are many reasons why leasing is a great financing option. Click the button below to find out more about the benefits of leasing equipment.


With preventive maintenance, our goal is to identify possible problems before they become real breakdowns. Our preventive maintenance programs cover operating components, oil-filter changes, cleaning and lubrication, oil analysis and minor adjustments.


What Customers Say?

Here are testimonials from customers that we have sold to and are happy to share their opinion about the process and the results.
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  • DB ExplorerDB Explorer

    I was referred to MPS Metro Automotive & Industrial Supply by Part Source. They listened carefully to the issue that I was trying to resolve and gave me some very practical advice. Do not hesitate to visit this local business.

  • John HJohn H

    Went to MPS this morning (Oct 23, 2023) to see if I could get some paint matched and made up for an aircraft. As soon as I entered the lady behind the counter took my request and asked me a couple of questions about my needs. She then consulted with her colleague and in less than 5 minutes later I had a spray can and small jar of paint that I had thought would be very difficult to find as it is very unique. In addition to providing great service, the staff (a dark haired lady and a grey haired gentleman) were friendly, professional and obviously very knowledgeable. For these reasons I would recommend MPS to anyone the the Ottawa area looking for paint for their cars or other toys, even in small touch up size quantities.

  • Marc BrownMarc Brown

    Really excellent service and a wide range of products. The staff are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

  • Ben KennedyBen Kennedy

    Very happy with the service and the quality of the colour-matched spray paint and clear from MPS. paint laid down very nicely, 100x better than any Duplicolor you'd get from a big box store. Very close paint match to the original as well!

  • ismail mohamedismail mohamed

    I had no idea on which/what paint to buy.I walked in and Lisa (Manager) approached me kindly with a great smile and asked what i was looking for.I just presented a Pic of the Rust car i had and Mr. Jim came out and asked where the car was so that he can have a look.
    I had parked just outside tge shop and he gave me great advice as to what to do.And said he had a paint which will for sure match my Silver car.He told me to wait for few mins and later came out with two small containers one was Primer and the other one was the Paint. Mr.Jim and the Manager (Lisa ) gave me instructions on what to do.
    At the end of everything when they handed me the 2 container i asked how much was it and guess what?
    They Offered me everything for FREE.🥰🥰🥰🥰
    I was really happy.
    Kind people are still out there and Lisa and Mr.Jim are really kind and i pray God keep them safe and bless their business.
    Thanks a lot

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MPS Metro & The Fender Factory Can Master Your Automotive Needs

If great service, excellent quality and over 45 years of combined experience and knowledge are important for your automotive requirements, then MPS Metro Automotive and Industrial Products and The Fender Factory are just what you need! We are one of Ottawa ‘s largest “One Stop” auto body suppliers in the automotive industry.