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MPS Metro Automotive & Industrial Supplies and The Fender Factory have merged together online to provide unsurpassed excellence in sales and service for all our customers. Both companies are privately owned family operation’s which have become industry leaders in the automotive & industrial industry. We specialize in automotive equipment, air compressors, body shop supplies, paints, aftermarket sheet metal parts and much more.

Our # 1 goal is to provide excellence in sales and service for all our customers.

MPS Metro Automotive & Industrial Supplies Air compressor sales and service proudly servicing the Ottawa valley for over 40 years.

  • DV Air (formerly Devilbiss, DeVair Air Compressor Products & DV Systems) is a manufacture of Heavy Duty Cast Iron Reciprocating air compressor units for both use in industrial and automotive applications. These units are available from 1/2 H.P. to 30 H.P.
  • Kaeser Rotary Screw compressed air equipment German made available from 3 H.P. to 600 H.P.
  • DV Air Rotary Screw air compressors are available in Base Mounted units from 7.5 H.P. to 15H.P. Tank Mounted units from 5 H.P. to 100 H.P. models.
  • Omega Rotary Screw air compressors are available from 7.5 H.P. to 13 H.P.
  • Omega Air Compressors, from 5 H.P. to 30 H.P. units designed for various applications, Contractor Series, Professional Series, Heavy Duty Industrial, Gas, Fire Sprinkler Systems, (base and tank mounted) and Climate Control (HVAC) units.
  • Watts, Topring, Wilkerson, Walker, Domnick Hunter, Finite, Johnson Controls, Hankison, are just a few of the many manufactures that we can provide new and replacement components for your compressed air systems, such as refrigerated air dryers,desiccant air drying systems, compressed air filtration, regulators, filters, lubricators, coalescing and MORE.
  • Deltech HG/ HGE Series refrigerated air dryers and filtration.

We are an Authorized Sales and Service Center for these Compressed Air Manufactures

Axalta (formerly Dupont Performance Coatings) & Nason Coatings

  • Cromax Pro
  • Nason Ful- Base 3.5 Voc Solvent  Basecoat
  • Nason Ful-Thane 2.8 Low Voc Urethane
  • Customized Aerosol Cans
  • Customized Touch Up Bottles

House of Color (Custom Paint Colors) – Polyval Coatings – Korzite Coatings (Industrial Coatings) Refinishing Materials

  • Fibre Glass Ever coat,
  • Pro Form,
  • Marson
  • Mar-Hyde,
  • 3M Automotive
  • Sem, Xim, and many more

We feature the Complete line of Devilbiss & Binks Automotive Refinishing Products

  • Waterborne Air Dryers
  • Waterborne Gravity Guns &  Accessories
  • Gravity  Cups and Liners
  • Suction Guns and Cups
  • DeKups Disposable Cups &  Adapters
  • Pressure Guns  &  Pressure Tanks
  • Hoses &  Hose  Fittings
  • Devilbiss Airbrush & Accessories
  • Breathable Air and Respirators
  • Air Regulators

The Fender Factory offer’s a large selection of collision repair and restoration parts for both domestics and imports. We offer the complete line of Cross Canada parts, offering the largest selection of hoods, fenders, grilles, bumpers, doors and MORE, normally from stock. Many collision parts are certified by CAPA (Certified Auto Parts Association). CAPA establishes standards for aftermarket parts to insure their equivalency to OEM parts. This certification program applies to parts such as fenders, hoods, doors, bumper covers, header panels, etc. We will carry CAPA certified parts subject to availability and when unavailable will supply only high quality replacement parts.

We’re simply Ottawa Valley’s #1 supplier!

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