Air Dryers


Omega Refrigerated Air Dryer

Designed with compact cabinets and easily removable all steel access panels for serviceability. All Omega dryers use environmentally friendly R134A refrigerant and hermetically sealed refrigerant compressors with thermal overloads and anti-vibration mountings. These units feature a durable powder coated finish, automatic drain valves, illuminated on/off switches and electronic LED readouts on the DFE-8 to DFE118 models. All dryers are CSA / dentela approved, are factory tested prior to shipping and carry a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Omega High Temperature Air Dryer

The Omega AHT series dryers are reliable, high efficiency compressed air purifying units that provide cool, clean and dry compressed air in one simple-to-install package. One inlet and outlet air connection and one electrical power hook-up are all that’s required. The system provides a pressure dewpoint of +3°C to +7°C (+37°F to +45°F) at 100 psig working pressure. Since most production processes operate at temperatures well above these levels, your compressed air will be clean and dry at all times.


DV Systems Air Dryers Pro Dry ASD

ProDry ASD – Suited for most compressed air applications and ProDry HTD – Designed for high temperature compressed air. These compact, easily serviceable dryers remove moisture by lowering the temperature of the compressed air, and forcing moisture to condense out. This condensed water is then drained off. The net impact is a lessening of the chances that “rogue” moisture will find its way into critical work areas downstream of the compressor, and an overall improvement in the quality of your compressed air. In sizes ranging from 15CFM Through 420CFM, these dryers meet the exacting standards that allow them to complement all Devair air compressors. All ProDry ASD dryers are microprocessor controlled, and are equipped with an energy saving heat exchanger, high efficiency condensate separator, and a large surface area freon condenser. A built in safety shut-off protects the compressor in the unlikely case of a dryer malfunction or operating at temperatures above set limits. Most compressed air systems need a dryer to protect downstream tools and applications from the effects of moisture, otherwise damage from rust, poor paint applications and other expensive problems may occur. This new series of dryers from Devair represents all the latest advancements in dryer technology to ensure the best performance from your system.

Deltech Air Dryers

Deltech HG Series 10-50 SCFM refrigerated dryer models have the quietest operation in the industry. So quiet you almost cannot tell if they are even running. Noise sensitive areas like laboratories, commercial HVAC systems, light manufacturing and, a host of “point-of-use” operations, enjoy the quiet benefits and dry compressed air that models HG10 thru HG50 deliver. Deltech HGE Series 75-500 SCFM refrigerated dryers use traditional refrigerated drying technology. A no-nonsense space-saving package with established component designs in a streamlined package make HG refrigerated dryers a first choice. These full-featured dryers achieve a high-rate of heat transfer with non-fouling, smooth-tube copper heat exchangers. Long admired for its ability to transfer heat quickly and efficiently, tubular copper maximizes heat transfer surfaces while minimizing costly pressure drop. The hot gas bypass valve (HGBV) precisely controls the flow of refrigerant. Connected to field proven capillary tube sensors it delivers stable pressure dew point temperatures and avoids freeze-ups – even under no-load conditions. Models from HGE75 thru HGE500.