CATALITE® CBA Series Air Purifiers

Maintain Health & Safety in the Workplace!
The Catalite Breathing Air Series Purifiers encompass Hankison’s premium performance technology in order to provide the clean, dry air necessary to keep your workers safe. The CBA Series is designed to be used as an addition to your plant air source to convert compressed air to breathable air for those processes identified as hazardous.Hankison’s Catalite CBA Series purifiers have been engineered to handle flow capacities from 15 to 940 scfm (25 to 1597 nm3/h) and remove contaminants in six stages of filtration in order to meet OSHA, CGA, ANSI, and CSA breathing air standards. At the core of the process is a heatless regenerative desiccant dryer with a fixed 10 minute dryer cycle delivering consistent ISO 8573.1 Class 2 (-40°F, -40°C) outlet pressure dew point quality air. Offering advanced controls and analyzers the Catalite CBA Series Breathing Air Purifiers is complete solution for your Breathing Air Treatment processes!


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