DV Systems Condensate Management

A complete solution to the condensate disposal problem

Compressed air condensate is a by-product of all compressors. It is a mixture of oil and water with ambient particulates and hydrocarbons that have been concentrated during the compression process. Much of the oil is the result of oil vapors and the aerosols present in the compressor intake air. This type of oil-water mixture may be classified as hazardous waste. Therefore federal and local environmental laws often prohibit the discharge of untreated compressor condensate into surface drains. Collecting and storing large volumes of contaminated condensate requires disposal by a waste collection service and can be very expensive. Our waste system filters the oil from the water, then water can then be safely discharged into a drain. We offer a reliable and economical method of oil and water separation. Call us today and one of our technicians will be available to advise you on your requirements based on the size (HP) of your air compressor.



• Suitable for all systems:
– every type of compressor
– every type of oil or emulsion
– every type of drain
• Same capacity for every type of oil.
• Same capacity for every type of compressor.
• Small footprint.
• No stagnant oil and water volumes.
• No bacteria growth.
• Electronic status indicator.
• Easy to install and service.
• 2-Stage Filtration process through two different filters.

Ecotron Condensate Filtering System


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